Influencing for Course Credit

Back in the 2014-15 school year, I was in my final year working at an international school in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Vietnam is still my favorite of the countries I’ve lived in, and overall the school was a positive experience for me too despite a few ups and downs during my four years there. If I ever get around to writing my international teacher memoir, most of the best anecdotes will come from that school. When I think about what kept me at that school beyond my initial two-year contract, I remember a conversation I had in early … Continue reading Influencing for Course Credit

All Covidded Up

For the past few years since I began Working Classroom Hero (…is something to be), I’ve been writing idealistically and, I hope, humorously about education through my perspective as a high school English teacher at a handful of international schools. The schools I’ve worked in have varied in quality from truly exceptional (WAB) to what do you mean you can’t afford to pay us (name withheld), but the adventure and community and great-story fodder and, frankly, the money when it came was always enough to keep me satisfied and motivated. Funny how a global pandemic can change things. As I … Continue reading All Covidded Up